What People Say

Michelle brings passion and expertise to any field of writing she pursues. Over the years I've seen her work in the arts, journalistic and technical worlds where she's been equally at home. She's a creative individual and a consummate pro.
Brett Milano, Author, Journalist, Raconteur

Bridging the gap between technical and creative is difficult. It takes a strong understanding of language, of process, and of human nature. Michelle effortlessly wraps even the most pedantic of topics within a blanket of clever, clear and forward-thinking writing which allows the reader direct access to information without over burdening them. I highly recommend working with her!
Sarah Edrie, Director Engineering, Harvard Business School 

If you are seeking perfection in the written word, look no further than Michelle. She is easily the most talented writer I know, and has an uncanny ability to coax the underlying theme and key messages from the most rambling narrative. When I’ve sought her support in editing technical materials, she has been particularly helpful with eliminating technobabble, tightening sentence structure, establishing a flow and logic, and eliminating mixed metaphors. Prepare to be amazed.
Herbert SinnockManager, Sustainable Energy Systems at Sheridan College

Michelle is one of the most gifted writers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Over the years, I have called on her creative genius many times for our business needs and will continue to do so well into our future! In addition to her fresh perspective, she offers a high level of professionalism that makes collaborating and delivering on our critical projects a breeze.
Janice Fahey Dolan, Managing Partner, Zazil Media Group

If there is one thing that has always stood out about Michelle, it is her talent as a wordsmith - a talent that's been perfected by education and deep professional experience. No matter what type of writing you need help with, do not pass up using her services. She can take an assignment on the driest, technical, business-oriented of topics and make it an attention-holding piece that's a joy to read. Gearshift is your ultimate secret weapon when you want writing that's alive, concise and professional.
Alex Cancio, Owner & Principal, Cancio Advisors

I've known Michelle DiPoala for all of my adult life since college. Professionally, I've called upon her talents as writer to help me proofread manuscripts prior to my submitting them for formal review. Her feedback has always made the pieces I've written better. She works well under tight timelines and helps provide thoughtful revisions that still keep the original meaning of an essay intact.
Lisa Meade, Director Pupil Personnel Services 
Hudson Falls Central School District

I have followed Michelle's personal blog for some years. Frankly, I will read anything she writes. Her witty essays are crafted with insight into the human condition and grace, executed with technically flawless writing. As an author of successful crime fiction, prize-winning technical documentation, and creative non-fiction, I can recommend her without hesitation for whatever wordsmithing task you might need accomplished. I can also attest to her excellent organizational skills from the three years we worked together in a hi-tech company. Michelle's talents are many.
Edith Maxwell, Bestselling and Award-winning Mystery Author

Michelle DiPoala (Lexi Kahn) was my right-hand gal at The Noise for almost a decade. Her input was invaluable. She's sensible and keeps her readers in mind when putting together a review or a feature story. Her enthusiasm for local music was serious—nothing could stop her from being an important part of Boston's music scene as she jumped into The Noise and tackled a cover story on Gigolo Aunts in February of 1999. She didn't take the easy route of transcribing an interview with the band. She actually told their story and sprinkled it with quotes from band members. My best writers always seem to do it this way, avoiding the same old boring Q&A that could be substituted between many different rock bands. She stayed with The Noise 'til January 2007 always giving the best of herself to each issue. Thank you Lexi! Keep on writing!
T Max, The Noise 

Michelle provided personal and valuable content about many of the artists whose music we broadcast in the early days of RadioBoston. It isn't easy to compose a captivating and compelling 35-word review about a song or an album and the musicians behind it, but there is a deftness and skill to Michelle's writing that really captured the essence of the piece.
Benjy Kantor, RadioBoston/Sonicbids/Club Passim

During the '90s, Michelle covered the Boston music scene for the now-defunct Altar Native online ‘zine, which featured both national and regional rock/pop/metal/indie/etc. acts. Michelle not only brought her knowledge of the music scene to the table, she brought a vivid style of writing that made you, as the reader, feel as part of the audience, injecting real-time, live-show intensity and factual band information into 600 words. For features, she got into musicians’ heads and picked at their brains until she tapped their sources of inspiration. Sometimes even without them knowing. It was Michelle’s brand of writing that kept genuine music journalism and live and well in a pre-social media era, unlike today’s fodder.
Omar Perez, Publisher, Altar Native

I can be a very jaded interviewee at times, and entered into a Q&A session with Michelle prepared to respond only with "yes," "no," and the occasional grunt. But her questions were so engaging and unusual that I had to surrender. By the end of the session, I was completely enthusiastic. I still don't know how she did that. I think she's awesome.
Adam von Buhler, Musician

Michelle (Lexi) is a fine fine writer. Lucid and passionate - a rare combination.
Jonathan SpottiswoodeMusician 

Michelle, aka Lexi Khan, was a great asset to the bands I worked with in Boston scene with her excellent writing skills and her honest approach. She also wrote a fantastic bio for Caged Heat which helped the band get lots of press around town. A true professional in every way.
Steev Riccardo, Twisted Rico Management

Michelle is one of those rare writers who wields words like a spade, digging under the surface of even the most mundane topics to uncover universal experience, sparks of humor, and unvarnished, unapologetic human truth. She's also a substantial human being of high integrity. I recommend working with her whole-heartedly.
Amy KalisherArtist